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A Good Health В» Hormone Replacement Therapy and Hysterectomy

To take you out of the frustrating menstrual disorders Hormone replacement therapy is the best treatment.  Menstrual Disorder is a critical problem faced by almost every woman in her life. Women in the age bracket between 40 and 60 are usual victim of menopause.

In the hormone replacement therapy the basic sex hormones Estrogen and Progesterone are used to treat he menopause.  Synthetic hormones progestin is used as replacement for progesterone. Same way synthetic estrogen is given to replace the natural affected estrogen hormones.

Hormone replacement therapy after Hysterectomy

There is a great debate going on the use of hormone replacement therapy after the hysterectomy. Those women who had HGH therapy after the Hysterectomy fell in to various health problems like Headache, Weight Gain, Osteoporosis, depression, hair fall and mood swings.

Replaying to such claims health experts have suggested women who were old and never had good health status could suffer from HGH Therapy. Moreover it is also important to consider how the hysterectomy operation was taken place. Those, women who take Hysterectomy before the natural menopause often see complication later.

Bio-identical ” is being talked safe treatment for women. Its proclamation is based on the fact that bio-identical hormones are extracted from the plants in the laboratories. Bio-identical hormones have same chemical properties like the natural hormones in the body. This therapy can be a good option for menopause relief without contacting with side effects.

A therapy taken with the consultancy of a health expert can eliminate the risk of the therapy.

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