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Hot tub for healing body pain

The majority of the people believe that hot tubs are only meant for relaxation. Especially after a long tiring day, nothing can be better than soaking in a hot tub. However, besides this, the healing power of hot tubs cannot be overlooked. It is extremely, helpful to alleviate muscle pain, strains, sprains and the most common disease that we all suffer from- stress. Hot tub also eases other symptoms such as depression and adrenal fatigue.

The adrenal system creates and controls our body’s hormones including cortisol and testosterone. Adrenal fatigue occurs when the functional level of the adrenal glands is quite low. Similarly, depression the primary cause for depression is body ache. Many people complain that pain is the most difficult aspect of their life. It leads to depression that can last for years.

Now the question is how can a hot tub help to eliminate depression and adrenal system problem? The massaging jets coupled with hot water triggers and relax the muscle, releasing the tension and reducing the pain. Once the pain is eased it makes the muscle more relax. This process even allows you for a deep and peaceful sleep. Now a question might arise then why not simply take a hot bath. The temperature of the water in case of hot baths is not the same as that of hot tubs. Hot tub water relatively has a high temperature, somewhere around 100 degrees. The effervescent water is what creates the massaging motion of the water that helps to relax your muscle.

The greatest advantage of using a hot tub is that it typically provides various positions. You can either lie down in your tub to get fully covered by water or can simply sit not to get immersed. However, many hot tubs have both the option. The adjustable jets which are quite common nowadays allow the users to target them in those specific areas of the body such as the adrenal glands. Movable jets are extremely helpful if your body pain shifts from one place to another.

The potential use of ” for curing back pain is also vast. The heat from the hot water helps to relax the nerves and your back muscles. If you spend around 30 minutes per day in your hot tub, it can definitely improve your back pain. According to the Disabled-world.com the heat from the spa also stimulates blood flow and circulation. This enhances oxygen and nutrients that are required for healing body pains.

Hot tubs are extremely useful for relieving arthritis pain. The hot water not only provides relief from arthritis pain but also improves flexibility. However, simply soaking in a hot tub will not suffice. Often the doctors prescribe a few exercises that can be done in the hot tub itself to relax your muscle and ease tension. The motion created in the hot tub is more effective than the regular exercises to treat arthritis pain. Some of the arthritis patient also benefits from hydro massage. Hydro massage is the nothing but massage of your joints and muscle in the hot tub. You need an expert or a therapist for this type of massage.

Therefore, when you are using your spa with the mind-set that it is making you feel relaxed remember that it is also an additional benefit to your health.

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