A Green-Workout-Routine
Is Very Effective

Focusing on a green-workout-routine can keep you fit, be easier on
your wallet, and reduce your carbon footprint as well. You really
don’t need all of the extra bells and whistles.

First of all, I would like to be clear on the fact that I am no
expert on being physically-fit. I know what I have done in the past
to lose some weight and generally feel better, but I also know what
I have done in the past (and present too) to undo it all.

So, I am hardly in a position to advise on weight-loss, though I will
say, I do believe in walking. I may not do it as much as I should,
but I know that walking faithfully had good results for me.

What I would like to point out though, is that I think there are
things that we do innocently, that end up serving no real greater purpose, unless
you are really serious about sticking to something. It is mainly for
that reason alone, a green-workout-routine is probably the best route
to take at least for starters, when you are thinking that it is time to
maintain a healthier lifestyle.

Don’t Fall For The Gimmicks And Fads.

I look at the VHS and DVDS I have in bags in my basement, and think
about how much money is sitting in those bags. It’s not an awful
lot, but the point is, there is something new out there everyday in the way of exercise programs.

Everytime I saw something new on television, I bought it. Used it
briefly, until I saw something else. This sure adds up, as these
programs aren’t that cheap.

Actually, there are some good products in those bags. But, your
best bet is to share the cost with someone if you must have them.

Look for them in second hand shops, thrift shops and garage sales
first. Buying them used, is a good way to recycle.

Avoid Electrical Equipment

I have three types of good machinery in my basement. They are a
bit dated, but they still are good little pieces of equipment.
They aren’t electrical, which is a good thing. Stay away from
those types of equipment if you can. Anything you can use that
makes you produce the energy yourself, is better than motorized.

Rowing machines, exercise balls, free-weights, non-motorized
treadmills, ski-machines, jump-ropes etc. are just a few examples
of other things you can use.

How about going for a bicycle ride, a swim, or a brisk walk?

The experts always encourage these activities.

You don’t have to have alot of machinery taking up space in your
home, to remind you of how much you paid for it everytime you
look at it, especially if it remains unused.

Share/Recycle Resources

If you do work out with a friend, an idea would be to have
an assortment of what you already have at each-others’ homes.
You could follow one type of green-workout-routine and use some equipment
at that persons’ home one day, and use something different
at your house. Sharing equipment and videos etc. would save
alot for both of you.

When you think you have gotten all you can out of your products,
trade them in at a thrift shop or used video shop; turn them in
for something different to upgrade and get some use out of
something that someone else needs to recycle.

You can find many of these items on-line for alot less money on
EBay and Amazon.com

If you are determined to purchase new products, there are products
out there that are made of recycled materials only. Shop around
and ask the sales-people.

Un-necessary Clothing Style

You don’t need fancy exercise outfits and shoes. Personally,
I’ve never needed anything other than my rattiest pair of
sweat-pants and t-shirt and a relatively decent pair of
running shoes to go for a walk, or do my exercises. Your green-workout-routine attire should be loose, and comfortable above all.

Granted, it’s a boost to look nice. I get that. And, if you
are going to a gym, you want to look nice in front of other
people. I get that too. But, how expensive does the clothing
and shoes really need to be for what you are doing? And, how
many outfits does one person really need? Something to consider.

Check out the thrift shops for exercise wear. People usually
drop off things at the start of the week, after they have done
some cleaning out and sorting over the weekend.

There are running shoes that you can purchase that are biodegradable,
and clothing that is made of eco-friendly organic materials, if style of clothing means that much to you.

Do you belong to an Eco-Friendly Gym?

Even the gyms (and it makes sense) are becoming more environmentally concerned about how their business projects itself.

They encourage their customers to wear organic workout clothing.

They encourage customers to bring in their own reusable water bottles.

They try to cut down on their own electric use as much as possible.

They install energy saving bulbs, and water saving shower-heads.

They use natural cleaning products and soaps.

Joining a gym will support local business. Working out with
others gives you great incentive. Add to your green-workout-routine
by at least walking or bicycling there. You will help save on
gas emissions, gas money, burn some calories and breath some
fresh air.

Do we really need to purchase special foods and drinks and powders?

Some people do, because it’s something that they can follow a little
easier. It’s a more “structured and strict” type of diet to follow,
and just taking away choices, ie., having to measure and pick from
lists of food items can be less difficult. Choices leads to frustration,
so for those people, we shouldn’t judge. It is a personal decision that they make and are better motivated to follow
as part of their green-workout-routine.


If it’s a choice between this,

or this,

green apples

I think we know what the proper choice should be.


Consult and get advice from your Family Doctor or Nutritionist on the best way to change your eating habits
and improve upon your green-workout-routine.

Eating sensibly at home is a good idea too. If you can learn
to just eat “healthier products” like fruits and vegetables and more
of them, you should be fine. And fresh fruits and vegetables helps to
avoid store-bought packaged or boxed items, which just ends up
in the landfills. Buy organic and locally as much as possible.

One of the best things you can do? Get involved in community events
or environmental group activities. Join in hikes or walks for
causes whenever you can. Volunteer in a community garden. Pick
up garbage, or join any kind of program that gives back in your
area. Now this is a workout!

You most definately will be practicing your green-workout-routine,
reducing carbon footprints, not spending money and you should get
a great sense of personal satisfaction from the experience as well.

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